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Join us on our first ever membership site to unlock exclusive content, access to virtual workbook pages and activities on our seesaw school to help during this time of virtual teaching that can be used both digitally or are able to be printed , and so much more, as well as monthly Q&A sessions with Trish Vierra herself to help with further coaching, and access to a community of Fairview Learning users across the country! You are not alone! It may sometimes feel that way and that is why we have created a Fairview Community to bring all of us Fairview Learning users together as well as trying to help simplify your lives with exclusive content and further coaching! 

You have the choice to choose between purchasing a subscription to just our seesaw school activities or beginning in November 2020, we will be releasing our Morphology unit. Each month you will receive a powerpoint and teacher guide for that unit. You can purchase just a seesaw subscription and not have access to the morphology unit, just the morphology unit, or both!